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lloydmats website displayed on computer screens and mobile devicesCustomer:
Lloyds Mats/CoverCraft


Lloyd Mats, a CoverCraft company, needed websites to initiate its drive into the Direct-to-Consumer market. Having previously gone to market only through retail distributors, the desire was to expand the brand image directly to the consumer.

The Process:
SOHO Prospecting designed and developed two new websites, for its wholesale customers, and for its retail customers. The former site was built on the Joomla framework, a very robust platform for non-ecommerce web properties, while the latter website was built on the Magento e-commerce platform. The Magento site was implemented with a custom module that communicates orders and shipments to the company’s ERP system for a completely seamless workflow from customer order to shipment.

Results & Conclusion:
The client was thrilled with our results, transacting millions of dollars of ecommerce activity and tens of thousands of new customers. We have hosted these sites for several years now with a 99.9% uptime record.

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