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person looking at thousands of archived boxes Take a trip back in time—the internet or world wide web time—that is. Many technologies have come and gone, others have evolved, and still others names have changed, but much remains the same, explosive, never-ending growth and continual change. The world wide web is a huge place—and getting bigger and more complex all the time.

Whether you are doing a little bit of research, or want to see what we've been up to over the years, this is a good place to take a look. It's also fun to look back at internet history, especially if you have lived and worked through it. My very first computer class (in college) used a Mac 128k with 3.5 in floppy disks. And yes, I'm still amazed by computers and the web. I distinctly remember being in awe but also thinking you really couldn't do a whole lot, not enough font choices, not enough colors, not enough control over things like kerning—but holy cow—give this a few years and it's really going to be something! I had already had the exposure to computers since high school when my (then "really" nerdy) sister purchased a computer from Radio Shack. Well, she's still nerdy, and proudly, so am I!

There are some gems contained within as well as plenty of moments where it's hard to believe just how far this all has grown in such a relatively short amount of time. I've read as well as heard, that many refer to this as the third industrial revolution—that is now rapidly morphing into the fourth. Something to certainly stay abreast of—as well as enjoy the ride. We hope you enjoy your trip back in time.

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