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Valentine’s Day and Happy Business Opportunities

Valentine’s Day is time to show your love and appreciation for people that you care for, right? Yes, but not just that… As many other celebrations, Valentine’s Day is also an important commercial date for many industries. This may sound completely unromantic but it’s the truth. For this year, customers were expected to spend more than $13 billion. Restaurants are still the main industry to profit with this generous way of expressing love. But, internet businesses are also getting their part in this big cake. We can’t have a dinner out online, but we can definitely get flowers, candies, cards… The number of internet shoppers has increased each year. The credibility and diversity of products are important reasons for the internet business growth. But of course the fact that internet is a faster way of purchasing, is probably a great advantage too. Especially for those who are not really romantics but know how bad it’d be to end up without anything for their spouses/ (girl) boyfriends.