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Online Word-Of-Mouth Recommendations

Word-of-mouth recommendations have always been something important that marketing specialists should consider in their strategic internet marketing plan. Today, people not only get recommendations from friends and family but also from random people at blogs and social media networking websites.

People still prefer recommendations from someone they know, though. According to research made by Mintel, 34% of the people interviewed have already decided to buy a product or service based on a recommendation from friends or relatives. 25% have listened to tips of partners and spouses.

Although in a lower number, many people trust what they read in blogs, chat rooms and social media posts. 10% of the interviewed people believe that online recommendations - even if it comes from someone that they don’t know - are relevant for their purchase decision.

That number proves once and again how important strategic internet marketing is and that business people need to pay attention at what people say about their companies online.