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Folch’s New Website Goes Live

The Spanish company Metalurgica Folch, a global leader in the pin manufacturing industry, has a new website. The main goal of the website redesign project was to create a specific area for each of Folch’s brands: Hobby Creative, Jabali and San Jorge.

SOHO’s internet marketing specialists created a unique website redesign project providing a specific service to each customer area. Each section was designed with a precise atmosphere and unique content, respecting the customers’ interests.

SOHO’s team created an interactive area in the website. In the Club Hobby Creative, the customers can participate in online contests and submit crafts ideas. A shopping cart / e-commerce solution was also integrated into the website.

This was not only a great project considering all the features SOHO’s internet marketing specialists created for the website. But it was also a great opportunity since it was the first Spanish website that SOHO has worked with.

Click www.folch.com to see Metalurgica Folch’s new multilingual e-commerce and pin manufacturing website.