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Barack Obama Interacts With Americans Online

It’s not news that the internet has become one of the most important communication tools available. What is news is that now even the President of the United States, Barack Obama, and his professional marketing services team understand that.

During the campaign, Obama was even called as the first “social media President”. That’s because he used technologies beyond email or a cell phone to raise campaign donations.

Obama didn’t use only one social media site. The President’s professional marketing services team created an effective internet marketing and advertising campaign where everything worked in conjunction with one another. From an interactive website to blog, twitter and groups on Facebook. The internet marketing and advertising campaign was so efficient that the much of Obama’s donations came from donors giving $200 and under.

Even after the election, the President keeps using the internet to interact with Americans. One of the best examples happened last month, before President Barack Obama’s press conference. Americans were able to submit questions through the President’s Facebook group. The post that announced that got more than 3,000 comments and more than 26,000 people clicked on the “I like this” link. On the website of the white house, it was also possible to vote on the questions that were submitted so that he could get a sense of what Americans think is important.