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Social Media And A Phenomenal Internet Marketing Strategy

A social networking media creates an orchestra from scratch with musicians from all around the world. This sounds like a surreal sentence, but that’s exactly what happened. YouTube, the video-sharing company from Google launched an online talent competition in December. The result of the internet marketing strategy was a phenomenon with more than 15 million visitors from all around the globe.

Thousands of submissions were received and on April 15th, 96 winning musicians had the opportunity of playing in the Carnegie Hall in New York in what was called the YouTube Symphony Orchestra.

The winners represented more than 30 countries. Among them were a mechanic, a surgeon, a professional poker player and an administrative assistant. The performance included pieces by Gabrieli, Bach, Mozart, Brahms, Villa Lobos and John cage.

Internet Marketing - Not only the concert was a huge success, but brought a great result. Only two days after the concert, the video post on YouTube has already been watched more than 423,000 times.

Click here to watch the YouTube Symphony Orchestra