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Online Video Viewership Increases

Studies on Internet usage in the US have confirmed a new and important internet advertising opportunity: online videos. ComScore Video Metrix evaluated US online market on November 2008.

The most impressive result of the study is a great increase on online video viewership. US Internet users viewed 12.7 billion online videos during November 2008. That’s up more than one-third over the year before.

More than 146 million US Internet users watched an average of 87 videos per viewer in November 2008—77% of the total US Internet audience. By 2012 it’s expected that the percentage will rise to 88%. It’s also expected that online video ad spending will reach $4.6 billion in 2013, up from $587 million in 2008.

These numbers shows a great new approach for internet advertising. Contact SOHO Prospecting’s Internet Advertising Consultant for more information about online marketing strategies.