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SOHO Prospecting Launches Two New Clients’ Websites

Gold Coast Transit and CalAmp Corp. have just got their brand new interactive websites alive. Each company had unique needs and reasons to get a new website. But both counted on SOHO Prospecting, a Ventura County based web site design company to meet their needs.

Gold Coast Transit

The largest transit authority in Ventura County needed to update its old website from the ’90s. After a formal RFP process, SOHO Prospecting’s web site design company was selected for the job.

The idea was to bring the website to the future with an updated navigation system and additional tools such as a user controllable content management system. At the same time, it needed to be easy to maintain its frequently-updated content.

SOHO’s web site redesign specialists created not only a modern looking website but a real marketing tool. The Gold Coast website was designed to be completely search engine friendly allowing Google to finally see all that content that was hidden in “frames”. As a result the company has increased its traffic and got relevant search engine placement improvement.

Click here to check the Gold Coast website designed by SOHO Prospecting.

CalAmp Corp.

With the growth of the business, along came new products, news, articles, and press releases. Keeping all these new content in the old website was a problem.

For that reason, the company needed a web site redesign with a content management system to keep it updated easily. SOHO Prospecting team of specialists created a unique designed website customized to reflect the technology-driven aspect of CalAmp’s business. For search engine placement improvement, SOHO’s search engine optimization specialists also designed the website to be search engine friendly.

Click here to check CalAmp website designed by SOHO Prospecting