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Social Network Advertising

For those who are familiar with this blog, it’s not news that we consider internet marketing as one of the most efficient advertising tools. We have already explained the significant results you can get through search optimized website, pay per click management, web site promotion marketing and even Web Hosting with Dedicated IP Address.

But there is another online marketing technique that we haven’t talked about yet: Social Network Advertising.

The main goal of Social Network Advertising is to use social network sites to promote a product / service. There are several well-known social media websites, including: Myspace, Facebook, Digg, Facebook and Orkut, among others.

A simple Social Network Advertising tactic would be to announce a new TV show on the NBC TV group on Myspace, for example. By doing that the company would let their target know about a new product and also evaluate their opinions through the messages left on the group.

Social network sites can be used not only by well-known brand to spread new information, but also to evaluate if a startup company or idea will make it or not.

Social network sites are great tools to evaluate possible target markets. Consider you want to open an Italian restaurant in Ventura, California. But you know that there are lots of Italians restaurants in the area so you need to find a way to stand out.

You could join a Ventura group on Facebook, for instance, and see what the members of the group (your target) think about a new restaurant in the area. You don’t have to share your business plans and see their opinions. But you can start a forum about Italians restaurants in Ventura. You can get tips about what your target wants and what your competition is doing wrong to improve your business.