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Study Evaluates Search Engine Users

A recent study developed by iprospect reveals some important points about the behavior of search engine users.

The results confirmed the increasing necessity of having high search engine rank for websites in all fields. The data shows that in 2002, 48% of search engine users clicked only the results on the first page. In 2008, they are 68%.

In 2002 19% of users would click on results past the third page. Only 8% are willing to do it in 2008.

It was also confirmed that currently 49% of searches give up of their searches if they don’t find it in the first page. The abandon of search has increased as compared to 2006 (40%), 2004 (42%) and 2002 (28%).

Another pointed evaluated was brand importance based on top rank. Currently, 39% of search users consider the company in the top of search engines as the best in their field.

Once again, it was proven the importance of high search engine rank.

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