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Web hosting – dedicated or shared IP address?

After all the posts about SEO, it’s probably already clear that looks aren’t everything to a website. Here is another thing: having a search optimized website isn’t everything either.

When it comes to a successful website, it’s also crucial to choose a reliable search optimized hosting.

Why is search optimized hosting so important?

Basically, a hosting server is what stores web pages and allows a website to go live. So, you may think that as long as your website is live and working, you probably have a good web hosting company, right? No, unfortunately it’s not so simple.

For instance, not having a web hosting with dedicated IP address means that your website will be sharing the same one with several other websites. This should be a cheaper solution without major issues if your web hosting company is a reliable one.

But if that’s not the case and the web company hosts a bad IP address, the whole shared cyber neighborhood may be damaged – including your website.

A bad IP address can be, for instance, a spammer or pornographer. Having your website associated with a spammer or pornographer would definitely tarnish your company’s reputation. This could also block your website on other servers that may refuse e-mail sent from your bad IP address.

At SOHO Prospecting we provide search optimized hosting with shared and dedicated IP address to fit your needs. Our qualified, experienced systems administrators create web hosting solutions that are as unique as your business. Our team is also trained to work quickly and make any necessary change to your hosting arrangement. As a result you get the guarantee that your website reputation will be protected, whether you have web hosting with dedicated IP address or a shared one.