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It’s easier said than done

When you first start working in a specific field, it’s normal to pay more attention to everything related to it. This rule definitely applies to me. After starting work at a Search Engine Optimization firm, I couldn’t avoid reading everything I could about this internet marketing technique.

Among all the interesting new information I got, one thing really surprised me. Searching about SEO, I realized that some companies that guarantee high Search Engine ranks on Google have a really low position on their own websites. We already said that a serious Search Engine Optimization firm never guarantees the very top rank on Google. No SEO Company is associated with Google to be 100% sure of the first position.

But what is guaranteed is that if an SEO company cannot get a high Search Engine ranks for themselves, they will not be able to get them for you either. So, here is a tip: before choosing a SEO Company you should check where they are ranked on the search engines.