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Reasons for having a professional website

This week something interesting happened to me. A friend came to me to ask for my advice about a website he just had developed. Although he’s a financial consultant with no website development experience, he decided to create a website for his friend who owns a small business. Since he understands a little bit about html, he thought he could help out his friend who wouldn’t need to spend money with a Website Development Company.

After having the website live for several months, my friend couldn’t understand why it had gotten no traffic and no customers through the website. For me it was quite obvious since they had no strategic marketing, SEO design… To be honest, it’d be quite a shock for me if they actually had gotten positive responses.

The thing is that this situation made me realize is that most of people still believe that having a website live (doesn’t matter how) will immediately bring them potential clients and improve their sales. Because of that, some people truly think that they don’t need a Website Development Company since they can do it by themselves or, in this case, by friends.

Thinking about that, I decided to make a list of important points as to why its worth having a website developed by an experienced Website Development Company and not by friends with no knowledge of internet marketing.

  • The website reflects your company. A non professional designed website will project the image of a similar business.
  • The internet is such a competitive place that if you don’t follow new technologies and patterns available, your website might be no longer useful.
  • You can expand your market since your website works 24/7 with a wide geographic range.
  • Besides being the faster way to update products, services and information, the Internet can be the cheapest marketing tool if you think you will save money with catalogs, brochures and mails.
  • Potential clients can find your business in a matter of seconds.
  • Internet is getting more and more publicity every year and some people just look for products and services through search engines.
  • You can build a database about visitors which can be used to create complementary marketing strategies.