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Ethics in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

After mentioning ethics in the post below, we have thought a lot about this subject. We think that this is such an important subject that we should go deeper into it.

Literally, ethics is a branch of philosophy that determines concepts of right and wrong and recommends how human behavior should be; usually in terms of benefits and fairness.

Some people believe that ethical practices are the same for everyone; their professional field doesn’t matter. This makes sense if we think that ethics is the belief of what is morally right or wrong; or is to be fair and not trick someone to take personal advantage.

But in practice how does it work with an Internet Marketing and Advertising and Search Engine Optimization Company?

In Internet Marketing and Advertising services and SEO, there are many examples of unethical situations:

It’s unethical to copy Meta titles, content or even layout from other sites; to promise to a potential client the number one rank in Google, since this is not controlled by any Search Engine Firm; to send junk unsolicited e-mails to your target market; etc.

Besides all the immoral aspects, choosing an unethical firm may bring you several problems. If a firm cheats to increase search engine traffic, and this is discovered, your website will be totally banned from the search engines, especially from Google. For these reasons it’s so important to be careful in choosing a Search Engine Optimization company to improve your business’ online visibility. The best way to do it is to get to know as much as possible about the firm, check their portifolio and check if they have satisfied testimonials from past customers.

At SOHO Prospecting we not only respect and take seriously the basic fundaments of ethics in our services, but we also have a specific ethics policy to protect our clients’ competitiveness.

We evaluate each prospecting business and in case of being a direct competitor of a current client, we may not do business with both companies simultaneously.

Click here to read more about our conflict policy.