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Ethics - either you have it or you don’t

During the Business Technology & Marketing Expo in Ventura, one unpleasant incident made us think about ethical practices or the lack of it in some competitors.

In every business event it’s common to have more than one company representing the same type of service. It’s ok, as long as they respect each other. But, unfortunately it’s not always like that.

Like we said in the post below, during the Expo we had a giveaway activity where the visitor needed to fill out an online form to participate. To our surprise, someone from FirstClickSEO - another Search Engine Optimization firm present in the Expo - came to our booth and started using the promotion computer.

We thought he was filling out the promotion form – which would be weird but ok.

As soon as he left our booth we decided to check our computer display and we realized he hadn’t filled out our form, but set his Search Engine Optimization firm’s home page in our computer’s display!

To be honest, this incident made us mad and our first thought was: “How dare he” But we knew that there was nothing we should do, but regret the fact that some people just lack ethics. Of course, we also couldn’t avoid sharing his immature, unethical behavior here in our blog.

Ironically, FirstClickSEO advertises in its website “disciplined work ethical” as a typical characteristic for its staff.… Can you understand that?