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RichardMoss - SEO & Website Redesign, February 19, 2007


Discovering the Power of Awareness Through Website Redesign and Internet Marketing

Date: February 19, 2007

SOHO Prospecting has completed the website redesign of spiritual mentor Richard Moss’ site complete with a contemporary look, improved shopping cart function, and an internet marketing and advertising component using search engine optimization. The doctor’s Power of Awareness message is now receiving more awareness from internet users through professional website promotion.

For three decades Dr. Richard Moss has been a globally recognized author and teacher of the power of awareness which promotes spiritual maturity and relates to health, creativity, relationships, and effective leadership. His teachings are education for the mind, heart, body and soul. Dr. Moss is an accomplished author with three books in print, a sought after public speaker providing lectures across the world, and mentor to those wanting to improve their spiritual maturity through the Radical Aliveness Seminars and various mentoring programs. As a way to further promote is teachings and services, Dr. Moss decided it was time to update the look and functionality of his site with a website redesign from SOHO Prospecting which would include professional website promotion in the form of an extensive search engine optimization campaign.

In order to properly conduct this website redesign, SOHO Prospecting took on the task of converting Dr. Moss’ current site pages into a new, aesthetically pleasing format that would visually communicate what Dr. Moss represents. This had to be coupled with the internet marketing and advertising component that would allow his site to be found and indexed by the top search engines. The challenge of this was that no component could compromise the credibility, tone, or meaning behind Dr. Moss’ message as it is so much more than simply the product and service of the site.

Nathalie Gallmeier provided graphic design work for the website redesign and came up with the initial concepts that would become the new site. Various colors carried over from the old site to the new, presented in a more contemporary way. The home page allowed for a “welcome” statement to new visitors from Dr. Moss that also supported SOHO Prospecting’s professional website promotion efforts by including targeted keywords. Compartments toward the bottom of the page allowed for sectionalized messages that could be frequently updated and renewed to allow for fresh content and promotional messages related to internet marketing and advertising.

Website traffic promotion was headed by SOHO Prospecting’s director of search engine marketing, Chris Samojen. After an initial research period, a targeted list of keywords was created and assigned to specific pages of the site relating to the teachings. Since Dr. Moss’ message is personal, complex, and detailed, the creation and editing of copy could not simply be handed off to the average copywriter. Samojen was worked closely with Dr. Moss and a former student of the doctor who helped with copy duties. He was then able to successfully incorporate search engine optimization techniques that would help website traffic promotion without comprising the doctor’s message or intent.

The website redesign and professional website promotion project was completed in late 2006 when the new site was released to the public (www.richardmoss.com). SOHO Prospecting continues to work with Dr. Moss promoting his Power of Awareness message by updating content, adding new features, and bringing prominence to the doctor’s new book, The Mandala of Being. To date, the new site has received many compliments from visitors wishing to learn more about Dr. Moss’ teachings, and an increase in traffic from SOHO Prospecting’s website traffic promotion.

To learn more about the Power of Awareness and the teachings of Dr. Richard Moss, visit www.richardmoss.com or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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