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SOHO Prospecting Launches Magento E-Commerce Site for Harbor Wind and Kite

SOHO Prospecting, best known for launching Joomla websites, is pleased to launch a Magento e-commerce website for Harbor Wind and Kite. This is the second Magento e-commerce site that SOHO Prospecting has released, which is particularly interesting, as Magento is now the most reliable open source solution for e-commerce on the market today. Dominykas Mierkys (Software Developer) notes that the Magento site, as released by SOHO Prospecting, is “the most strong and structured way to have an online store.”

Harbor Wind anf Kite Home PageHarbor Wind and Kite is perhaps best known for selling kites, and the company has a physical storefront on the Ventura Harbor in California. The store is best known for selling kites, but also sells a variety of garden spinners, flags and whirligigs. Online, Harbor Wind and Kite can be found at https://www.hwkite.com. Harbor Wind and Kite also offers visitors more than the average hobby kite. Whether customers are looking for kites designed for competition, graceful box kites, sport kites, or decorator flags and other whirligigs and decorations for their outdoor hideaways, Harbor Wind and Kite likely has exactly what they are looking for.

“We’re completely impressed by the level of quality we got from SOHO Prospecting and the e-commerce site they created for us,” says Bob Vines of Harbor Wind and Kite. “They ensured they integrated what we needed with some quality programming and the result is a truly user-friendly website.”

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SOHO Prospecting president Dale Dehart says he is always impressed by the quality of workmanship that the SOHO Prospecting software developers bring to the table. He notes that it’s the company’s desire to be the best at what they do that has allowed them to enjoy continued success in the field.

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