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SOHO redesigns Vargo Physical Therapy website

SOHO Prospecting is pleased to announce the newly released website for Vargo Physical Therapy.  As a Joomla website, this is a site that offers visitors a lot of potential.

Vargo Physical Therapy LogoWith nine locations in Southern California, Vargo Physical Therapy’s site features a separate portal for each location.  The site is very user-friendly, with an abundance of information available about each service the company offers.  Visitors to the site will find everything they need to find in a physical therapy site, and that it is easily accessible throughout http://www.vargopt.com/.  With a custom Joomla template designed by SOHO’s innovative and flexible design team, this is a thoroughly sleek and efficient site that allows users to take advantage of its full accessibility.  In addition, the Vargo Physical Therapy logo has also enjoyed a makeover, thanks to the fresh approach taken by SOHO’s design team.

“We are thrilled with the redesign that SOHO Prospecting has performed for our site,” says Vargo Physical Therapy President Bob Grieder.  “The team has given us the user-friendly site we want and the accessibility for our clients that we need.”

Using the SobiPro component, the team created a directory for the site.  In addition, a directory of services on the new Vargo Physical Therapy website (http://www.vargopt.com/services) .

With a specialty in SobiPro directory websites, SOHO is proud to say that they are overseeing five websites that feature sobipro directories with custom templates.  These SobiPro templates are developed using Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations, or xslt.  Each location for vargopt.com features its own directory of services, and shares its data with the main directory.  This is accomplished courtesy of a well-defined architecture on SobiPro.

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SOHO Prospecting sees their mission as continuing to improve their technology development in order to continue offering their clients the best in open source web solutions for their clients.

Vargo Physical Therapy Home Page

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For further information about Vargo Physical Therapy visit http://www.vargopt.com