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SOHO Prospecting adds ExactTarget to its expertise portfolio


ExactTarget - email marketing by SalesForceRecently SOHO Prospecting provided functional extension to an e-mail marketing system that integrates with SalesForce.com's exacttarget cloud marketing solutions using e-connect Data extensions. The system was developed using .net technologies and uses the exacttarget API. This project has given SOHO Prospecting a new platform in its quest to providing its customers with superior and quality internet marketing services. The project has given the company the expertise to perform several other jobs with Exact Target System as well as manage it.

Although the name of the customer in this project is undisclosed, the company is upbeat with the strides it has made over time. The recent development gives SOHO Prospecting a competitive edge in the field of internet marketing. The company is now one of the big players in the automotive industry; customers will be satisfied to know that they are dealing with a firm which offers world class services, superior products and works with people who are dedicated to see that their businesses get solutions that are perfectly fit for their establishments.

SOHO expanded the functionality of this web-based .net system and introduced new features to it. Basically the system creates e-mail campaigns, including e-mail templates, custom tags and recipients. When the campaign is created it is exported to exacttarget creating a new schedule when the e-mail will be delivered.

The customer provides e-mail marketing for a specific industry and its database has more than 6 million up-to-date customer profile records. This is an effective and reliable system that will not only give the desired results but also help in taking a business to new heights. SOHO Prospecting will continue to provide solutions which are geared towards better prospects for small businesses and large corporations, each tailored to a specific market and providing a unique platform which customers cannot resist.

SOHO Prospecting is a digital media marketing company providing professional marketing solutions to small business and large corporations. The company offers internet marketing services, web development, specialized software applications, data analytics, public relations campaigns among others to businesses across the board. The company's experience with Open Source solutions has grown; it has introduced solutions for Joomla, Word Press, Magento platforms. The company prides on its commitment to pursuit of technology development in different areas and offering customers solutions that work for their businesses. A team of development professionals includes web consultants, programmers, and marketing professionals, a group that clearly understands the growing needs of customers and the desire to have them satisfied to a higher level.

These services and products provide the firm with a competitive edge, enabling it to offer superior services such as this SalesForce.com integration system.

To get a good glimpse of the kind of company that we are talking about, SalesForc.com exacttarget marketing cloud solutions is a firm providing digital marketing automation and analytics services .The Company was started in 2000 and in 2010 became a public corporation through its initial public offer which raised $161.5 million. It is now part of the SalesForce.com suite of solutions and develops marketing solutions and software for email, social media marketing as well as consultancy and implementation services.

SOHO Prospecting products, just as those offered by exacttarget are modelled with an understanding that the customer revolution is with us. The company has learned vital lessons from this SalesForce.com, a firm that has always aimed at developing real relationships with their customer. As one of the most powerful digital marketing firms, SalesForce.com exacttarget cloud marketing solutions has a lot to offer SOHO Prospecting and the company is now in the right path given that services offered within their platform can now be efficiently handled at SOHO.