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Ventura County West - Launched!

When the Ventura County Lodging Association (VCLA) formed to bring business and leisure travelers to the city of Camarillo, Oxnard and Ventura, they knew they would first have to “brand” the area, which is typically one people drive through on their way to and from other tourist destinations. They turned to theAgency, a Camarillo advertising agency whose experience included the extensively researched and compatible “Ventura County Grows Business” economic development initiative.

As a critical element in support of VenturaCountyWest’s branding theme, “Inspiring Choices”, theAgency had a vision for the VCLA’s website that included the elements of the best destination websites while solving the challenge of combining three diverse areas into one cohesive and alluring location. SOHO Prospecting was brought in by theAgency to create a website that was not only eye-catching, but also easy-to-navigate and well organized, allowing visitors to quickly get the information they need.  There was a catch, however: the site had to be built in six weeks, a challenge that might have made most web companies balk, but not theAgency/SOHO team.

VCLA President Victor Dollar was impressed, “In our industry, every regional destination has to do their very best to attract visitors to resorts and hotels – Ventura County West is no different.  This project had a tight budget and a very tight schedule that our original vendor was not able to accommodate, but SOHO Prospecting leapt into the breach and executed theAgency’s design within 6 weeks start to finish.”

Added president of theAgency, Heidi Hayes, who worked closely with SOHO to implement the design and made sure it stayed true to the brand, “The web development team at SOHO Prospecting was a pleasure to work with in spite of the time pressures. The end result matched our vision for VenturaCountyWest.com.”

Converting Excel Files for Magento Import

For those forced to convert a client's excel data files into a file that is consistent with Magento's data structure, here's a script we developed that may help:

// echo date('mdY'); //main input    $input     = "/server-path/import/input/company-website-data-2012-07-31b-extract8.csv"; //copy of main input    // $input_ii  = "/server-path/import/input/input-".date('mdY-His').".csv"; //price input // $input_prc = "/server-path/import/input/stock_inventorywith_7_PL.csv";    $output    = "/server-path/import/output/output-new".date('mdY-His').".csv";    // $image_out = "/server-path/import/output/images".date('mdY-His').".csv"; // $price_out = "/server-path/import/output/prices".date('mdY-His').".csv";

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Zaya Younan

Zaya Younan - Chairman and CEO of Younan Properties

zaya younan

Zaya S. Younan founded Younan Properties, Inc., a privately-held real estate investment and management company, in 2002 and serves as its Chairman and CEO. He has more than two decades of executive management experience with publicly-traded Fortune 500 companies, including General Motors, Johnson Controls and TRW among others in the United States, Asia and Europe.

Zaya Younan has a reputation as an industry leader. Younan Properties is a fully integrated, privately-held real commercial estate company with  in-house expertise and resources in leasing, asset and property management, marketing, acquisitions, redevelopment, facility engineering and financing.The company owns and manages Class "A" office properties located in five major U.S. office markets: Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.

Zaya Younan  has been recognized for his business achievements and Younan Properties has been honored by Real Estate Forum,  appearing on its list of Prime 100 performers in the commercial real estate industry.

To learn more about Younan Properties, go to www.younanproperties.com