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New Web Based Production Tracking System Developed by SOHO Prospecting



SOHO Prospecting has developed a new web based production tracking system (PTS) that is used to track workorders on the production shop floor. This Production Tracking System (PTS) is integrated with other internal systems through a Source API interface. This API sends information to the PTS from other internal systems, such as CRM and ERP Order Management, and accepts information from the PTS to update those same systems. Information flow is thus bi-directional.
The Main Screen of the Fulfillment Tracking System displaying workorders.

When information is sent to the PTS from the Source API, PTS sends back an acknowledging System Response and when changes are made to the Status or Stage of Work Orders by PTS users, the PTS sends information to the Source API in the form of a call-back.

The system is made up of two separate applications. The first application is the .NET Service Bus. It handles backend requests, creates data and returns it. The second app is Fulfillment; it is the frontend web interface that networks with the Service Bus and provides a user-friendly experience to the production operators.

The Fulfillment app consists of several features, but it can be categorized as a single-page web application (SPA) because all its functionality is accessible on a single page, giving the user the same experience as that of using a desktop. Both the Service Bus and Fulfillment applications work together to product the functional system.

The Fulfillment app was developed using Twitter Bootstrap, Angular JS, Angular Route and Angular Resource. Twitter Bootstrap consists of pre-defined CSS classes that are applied to HTML code to create a consistent appearance throughout the Fulfillment app. Bootstrap is the resource that forms the controls, page layouts, navigation controls and web components of the Fulfillment app. It also maintains the Fulfillment app's responsiveness thus making it compatible with a wide range of screen sizes and devices.

AngularJS provides the tools needed by the client to use the Fulfillment application effectively. It facilitates loading of webpages without the need to reload each time a client logs onto the system. Angular Route is responsible for defining and redirecting urls. It passes the values entered by the client to the respective pages. Angular Resource makes http requests to the Service Bus, creating, creating, updating, deleting and restoring objects.

Screenshot of a dialog used to change status of a workorderThe PTS comes with a user's guide that describes the system's installation and operation processes in detail. This makes it easy for those with knowledge of the production area to use the system.

The PTS has features that make it very simple to navigate through web based information systems. Such features as Search, Sort and Filter, among others make managing workorders even simpler. In fact, you can get an overview or even print the report of a work order at any stage.

PTS has been developed using the latest web technologies. The system creates an easy-to-use interface and it will replace legacy systems making it simple and efficient to track all the production stages of a workorder until it is finally delivered. The system also allows the company to make internal connections and track workorders throughout the process.

SOHO Prospecting has developed this production tracking system in the context a broad array of businesses types. This web based information system can be used by small, medium and large scale businesses. This will make managing workorders simpler, efficient, and cost-effective. It will also help clients plan their activities efficiently because they will be able to track and find the status of an order at any time.

For several years now, SOHO Prospecting has been known for being a reliable solution provider for CRM marketing needs. We help clients meet their marketing needs using custom software solutions. The systems created are based on their clients' needs. They have a team of dedicated professionals who continually carry out extensive research to establish the needs of their needs.

The Production Tracking System is very easy to install, use, and maintain with very little management required. This reduces the overall cost of operating your business. They also have strong 24/7 customer support that offers technical assistance whenever required.

Therefore with PTS, you will be able to track your work orders by a click of a button; whenever, wherever.


SOHO Prospecting Launches A Web Service That Delivers Coupons to Volkswagen

California’s leading web development company SOHO Prospecting today announced a new web service developed for Peak Performance that help’s Volkwagen Car-Net subscribers get diagnostic information on their vehicles as well as special discounts on services at their dealers.  The product is a Soap Web Service that delivers coupons to Volkswagen, and generates custom coupons based on the vehicle type, mileage, and dealer.

Volkswagen Car-NetThis coupon is included in VW's Vehicle Health Report (VHR) that is delivered to the owner.

“This is a custom software solution was created using the best industry security standards and is based on Microsoft .NET technology,” said the company’s President, Dale DeHart.

"It will ease the generation of client-proxy type definition, which is necessary to resolve the defined complex types in Peak web service,” said Mr. DeHart, who continued: "we pride ourselves in providing a suite of services that offer the customer ease of installation, seamless integration, and very little ongoing upkeep or management.Sample Volkswagen Car-Net Coupon

“Peak Performance will publish the SOAP XML web service for Car-Net to subscribe for available coupon offers based on customer vehicle’s VIN and mileage,” said the source. The Peak web service will provide subscribers a communication layer that is designed to securely protect the customer information, such as vehicle VIN and mileage from unwanted requests.

Highlighting the scope of the product, DeHart noted the following two notable features of the new web service:

  • An authentication token will be provided to the known subscribers, which will be assigned as a parameter value in every web service method call. This authentication token will confirm to the publisher of the web service that the subscriber is authenticated.
  • Peak web service will publish a web service method(s) which will generate two (2) coupon-offers for each customer, based on vehicle VIN and mileage, defined in the method input parameter.

The source also added that when the subscriber’s request to Peak web service is fulfilled via the Peak web service method call, the generated coupon offers for each customer provided in the method input parameter will be returned to the caller.

The returned result data of Peak web service is simply a collection of the generated coupon offers for each customer defined in the method input parameter.

ABOUT SOHO Prospecting

SOHO Prospecting was founded by Dale DeHart after over 25 years in the industry, having served at the Vice-Presidential  level of several private and publicly traded companies, and seven years as a management consultant. His experience with the difficulty of working fast and furious for his current clients and trying to focus simultaneously on marketing his services to his next clients convinced him of the need for the services that SOHO provides.

At the same time, the growth of the Internet as a marketing medium was well-apparent and search engines were the best means of gaining visibility. Today, SOHO Prospecting has become an internationally recognized, trusted provider of open source components and add-ons. SOHO prides itself on its commitment to this very specific niche, and its pursuit of technology development in this area is ongoing. SOHO’s products offer ease of installation, seamless integration, and very little ongoing upkeep or management. The SOHO team of development professionals includes web consultants, programmers, and marketing professionals who understand the growing needs of their customers - from all three perspectives.

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SOHO Prospecting releases Website for Nina Moore Events

SOHO Prospecting is proud to announce the release of their most recent site for ninamooreevents.com. SOHO Prospecting has over time been involved in;
•    Website design and development
•    Content development
•    Custom Web Application Development

Nina Moore Events BrideThis has provided them with a professional and skilled edge that normally lacks in most web design companies, which is why Nina Moore Events got in touch and had their website designed by them. SOHO Prospecting is aware that a company’s website is the most highly rated factor for turning prospects into clients and since this is what they delivered to their client Nina Moore, this is what she had to say, “Working with the team at SOHO has been a pleasure! They are responsive to every request I have made and the end product is just fabulous.” Nina Moore is an event planner who is specialized in weddings and serves the California counties of Santa Barbara and Ventura.  In designing her website, WordPress was used with a minimalist and graceful design which was created by the SOHO team.  SOHO's unique design and development process ensures that internet visibility is achieved, together with the impact the company will have on the business. In regards to the template framework that was used in designing the website, it was all provided for by Rocketheme and the gallery customized by the SOHO development team. This was all under the guidance of the client which went on to accomplish the final result that was both impressive and had the professional edge required.

SOHO Prospecting prides itself in providing marketing opportunities to its clients and this is by designing a user-friendly website guaranteed to turn potential prospects into clients. Offering professional web designs together with development and management services has enabled them be a leader in this business for the last fifteen years. In addition, ensuring that the online community accesses their clients' businesses with ease one of their greatest fortes and this is because they focus on offering their businesses the best open source web solutions. This goes on to improve their marketing options which eventually reach out to a wider range of customers.

Considering SOHO Prospecting for any design or re-designing of your website will ensure that your business or company is taken to the next level and this is by making it highly visible to search engines since they also offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) website promotion. This is of course achieved by allowing the site to be search engine friendly which then enables it to achieve search engine traffic through highly related and popular keywords associated with your business or company. So, whatever industry your business is in and you want a website that is either for content management, e-commerce or membership development, do contact SOHO Prospecting and your requirements will be met in the most efficient and effective way possible.

The president of SOHO Prospecting, Dale Dehart once commented in regards to SOHO Prospecting software developers saying that he has always been impressed by the quality of workmanship they bring to the table, which has enabled them enjoy continued success in this particular field. He also says that the entire SOHO Prospecting team is geared towards helping their clients achieve the absolute best in marketing solutions for their Company. He adds that the drive to be the best goes on to encourage software developers to continue being most flexible and creative developers in the field.

Knowing that your web-based marketing solutions will be taken care of by a team of hardworking marketing specialists, contact SOHO Prospecting today for all your web-based needs and you will be glad that you did!