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Ventura County was formed in 1873 from Santa Barbara County. Early Spanish settlers described the area as the “land of everlasting summers” and named the region “San Buenaventura”, which means “good fortune”. Covers an area of 1,873 square miles, including 43 miles of coastline . 7.5 miles of shoreline are public beaches and 411 acres are State beach parks

Mission Statement

On February 14, 1995; the Board of Supervisors adopted the County's Mission Statement, identified a set of values by which to guide their conduct and established a number of important goals to better serve the residents of Ventura County. This statement is reproduced here to reaffirm the importance of these principles in guiding the planning and defining the purpose of the County's budget process.

Ventura County is home to beautiful, livable communities with unique characteristics. Many have names that reflect the native Chumash Indian, Spanish and Mexican heritage of the area. The 10 incorporated cities in Ventura County are Camarillo, Fillmore, Moorpark, Ojai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, San Buenaventura (Ventura), Santa Paula, Simi Valley, and Thousand Oaks.

Each city has distinct features that make their communities stand out. From the natural beauty of the terrain to mild climates with diver se recreational opportunities, the cities offer safe neighborhoods and family-oriented communities that make for a satisfying lifestyle.

Unincorporated Communities

Although the majority of county residents live within incorporated cities, there are numerous residential areas outside of the cities in unincorporated sections of the county. Many of these communities are small residential pockets found in rural areas of the county, while others are located adjacent to or surrounded by incorporated cities.

There are approximately 86,873 county residents living in the unincorporated area.

Ventura County Internet Marketing

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Ventura County info

  • Population: 796,000
  • Formed 1873
  • Area: 1,873. sq miles
  • Unemployment Rate 4.2%
  • Climate Avg. 74 degrees
  • Median Income $59.666


A strong economic base with a large and diverse labor pool, the area includes major industries: Agriculture, Biotechnology, Telecommunications & Advanced Technologies, Manufacturing, Tourism, Military Testing and Development.


Population of 796,000 makes Ventura County the 12th most populous county in the State of California.

Median household income in Ventura County consistently exceeds national and state levels; median family income in 2000 estimated at $59,666.

Early Spanish settlers described the area as the “land of everlasting summers” and named the region “San Buenaventura”, which means “good fortune”

Gateway to Channel Islands National Park, one of only four designated national marine sanctuaries composed of five tranquil islands located a few miles off the Ventura County coast, comprising a 250,000-acre wilderness preserve/marine sanctuary