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Photo of a magnifying glass.Today it’s not enough just to have a website. You need what web professionals call “Internet search engine placement.”

Internet search engine placement means search engines like Google,™ Yahoo!™, Bing™, Ask™, DuckDuckGo™, and others find your site and rank it in their lists. The better your search engine ranks are, the more likely your potential customers and clients can find you. And that can help you to increase sales.

Although the basic concept of Internet search engine placement is straightforward, the process itself is complex and there are many pitfalls. For example: Using key words both within your website’s content and behind your website is an essential step. However, simply repeating them in the background of a web page or placing them within your content, ignoring if they make sense there or not, will get your website blacklisted. In other words, search engines won’t list you and no one will find you. Other pitfalls to Internet search engine placement include:

  • Using fast meta refresh.
  • Using colored text keywords on same-color background.
  • Duplicating pages with different URLs.

Since there are many nuances to Internet search engine placement, it takes a professional to know not just the ins and outs, but also to keep up with the ever-changing methods search engines use to find and rank websites.

SOHO Prospecting is that professional. Here are 3 reasons why you should engage SOHO:

  • Use only “white hat” methods of search optimization. In the search engine optimization world, there are two methodologies, “white hat” and “black hat.” Black hat methodology is an unethical one. It uses techniques like having keywords in the same color as the background, with the intent of stuffing a page with keywords. It relies on trickery to “fool” search engines into ranking the site higher than it deserves, through technology or “spamming” methods. Although black hat methodology may get a site highly-ranked more quickly, it just as quickly will be blacklisted: banned from search engines all together. On the other hand, “white hat” methodology is the ethical approach to search optimization, using only safe and recommended methods. By using white hat methodology, your site may take much longer to rank. However, it will not get blacklisted and it is more likely to retain its rank than it would using the black hat methodology

  • Big company expertise made affordable. At SOHO, our Search Optimization Analysts have the same extensive training and experience as Search Optimization Analysts do in larger firms. And, like in the big firms, our Search Optimization Analysts keep up on the latest changes and recommendations from the search engines. The main difference between us and them is our price. At SOHO, we provide affordable search engine placement. We are a small and nimble company; we believe in small and nimble companies. And we want to help small and nimble companies increase their sales and beat their competition in the digital marketplace.

  • Our guarantee. When you engage SOHO as your search optimization professional, you are guaranteed a boost in traffic to your website. (And with more people visiting your site, the more sales you can make.) We increase search engine traffic; that’s how we help small and nimble companies compete. We guarantee it.

By engaging SOHO Prospecting in search optimization, you’ll get better search engine ranks resulting in increased sales. Plus, you’ll have peace-of-mind knowing that it was done the right way, the ethical way.

Why waste another minute of missed sales? SOHO Prospecting is your partner in . . . search optimized websites

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