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People looking and pointing at something on a website.Be in charge of your online reputation with a brand reputation management and Search Engine Optimization plan.

The Internet is the most powerful communication tool in the world. The number of internet users has risen significantly in the past few years and companies have realized that it is crucial for their business to be online.

Blogs, forums and social media networking have become a great customer service channel.  85% of people use the major search engines to find a product or service. And at least 10% believe that online recommendations - even if it comes from someone that they don’t know - are relevant for their purchase decision.

The dark side of the internet is the branding vulnerabilities that were unheard of a few short years ago. Companies cannot control what competitors, disgruntled ex-employees, or dissatisfied customers are saying about them. These problems have an adverse impact on company sales, investor relations, employee recruitment, and more.

Therefore, it has become essential to know what people say about your business and most importantly to build a positive online reputation.

Brand Reputation Management and SEO Monitoring

SOHO Prospecting, a Southern California reputation management firm, can help you to build a positive online reputation. Our team of specialists will evaluate your online brand reputation and create a plan that associates brand reputation management with search engine optimization – SEO monitoring. That way, SOHO ensures that the content available on the top rankings of the most popular search engines will reflect the value of your brand.

Brand reputation management requires professional expertise. SOHO will not only monitor what has been said about your brand but analyze the results and create an exclusive brand reputation management plan to restore or manage your brand reputation. That may include search engine optimization, PPC campaign, press releases, video/podcasts, social network profiles and domain purchases.

Our goal is to create a channel to make you closer to your customers at the same time that we establish a positive reputation and as a result generate new sales.

Contact SOHO Prospecting, a Southern California reputation management firm, for more information about Brand Reputation Management and SEO and let us help you to restore and manage your online image.