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SOHO Prospecting practices only the most up-to-date web site optimization and promotion techniques, and avoids the troublesome "Black Hat" search engine tricks that may temporarily increase or generate Internet traffic, but can have serious repercussions later. All higher search engine placement and search engine submission techniques used by SOHO Prospecting are legitimate, and all fall within the design guidelines set by all of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

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Poorly Written Website Content

“We at Acme shoe labs make the best shoes in the world. Our shoes are durable and will last you for a long time."

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Incorrectly indexes your site as an international men’s shoe maker well written website content

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“The Acme Vehicle Brake Shoe Lab manufactures the most reliable and effective vehicle brake shoes in North America. Our brake shoes are pre-installed in all model Honda, Ford and GM vehicles."

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Properly indexes your site as a North American, Vehicle Brake Shoe Manufacturer

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Effective web site optimization and promotion is critical to the high visibility of your website on the Internet. Competition on the Internet today is staggering, with search engines retrieving tens of thousands of websites at a time when processing a request. For maximum, affordable web site promotion, your website content must be optimized with keywords and search terms woven into your web page content. SOHO a leading search engine marketing firm will ensure that your higher search engine placement adds to the website traffic your current marketing activities generate.

“Let SOHO apply our SEO expertise to your website to optimize your Internet marketing efforts.”

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