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Picture of software code on a computer screen.Looking for a US-based software development company with high quality standards and a broad base of available technology expertise to supplement your existing IT staffing? SOHO Prospecting has expertise in the development of a broad array of platforms, including:

  • web-based business systems that couple AngularJS front-ends with .NET back-end APIs
  • php-mySQL software modules for open-source CMS applications like Joomla, WordPress, and Magento
  • SOAP-based, X.509 certificate-secured, web services for distributed data retrieval applications

And this is just a small example of the breadth of technologies available at SOHO. For example, a recent project involved the development of a system that is used to track workorders on the production shop floor. This Production Tracking System (PTS) was integrated with other internal systems through a Source API interface. This API sends information to the PTS from other internal systems, such as CRM or ERP Order Management, that accept information from the PTS to update those same systems. Information flow is thus bi-directional.

fulfillment system main screen screenshot

The system is made up of two separate applications. The first application is the .NET Service Bus. It handles backend requests, manipulates and creates new data, and returns it to the SQL database. The second app is Fulfillment; it is the frontend web interface which networks with the Service Bus and provides a user-friendly, and responsive, experience to the production operators. The Fulfillment app can be categorized as a single-page web application (SPA) because all its functionality is accessible on a single page, giving the end user a similar experience to that of using a desktop. The Fulfillment app was developed using Twitter Bootstrap, Angular JS, Angular Route and Angular Resource and is responsive, thus making it compatible with a wide range of screen sizes and devices. Both the Service Bus and Fulfillment applications work together to realize the full system functionality.

All our systems are developed using the latest web technologies, creating easy-to-use interfaces that replace legacy systems, making it simpler and more efficient to track and manage business processes.

For several years now, SOHO Prospecting has been known for being a reliable solution provider for CRM marketing needs. We help clients meet their marketing needs using custom software solutions. The systems created are based on their clients' needs. They have a team of dedicated professionals who continually carry out extensive research to establish the needs of their needs.

Our systems are reliable, fully tested, easy to install, use, and maintain with very little management required. This reduces the overall cost of operating your business. SOHO also has strong 24/7 customer support that offers technical assistance whenever required.


Some of the Tools We Use

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