Primary CRM Features

contact-us-buttonCRM 4.0 Customizable dashboard

Manage Contacts

  • create new contacts via Web forms or via manual intake
  • de-dupe contacts
  • edit contacts
  • manage household relationships (eg: spouses)
  • manage affiliations (eg:employer/employee relationships)
  • create groups of contacts (for access and mailing list purposes)
  • create criteria-based 'smart groups'
  • access holistic contact records showing contact information, contributions, activities, notes

Manage Membership crm-solutions-web

  • create multiple membership levels for multiple organizations and/or chapters
  • customize membership statuses and rules
  • create multiple custom online membership forms for self-service sign-up and renewal
  • create access to site content based on membershipcreate membership-specific e-mail subscription groups
  • search and list memberships by date, type, status, contact infocreate automatically renewing memberships
  • automatically send membership renewal reminders


  • import existing mailing lists (attaching to special interest 'groups')
  • collect subscriber information via Web-based form, create contacts, attach to special interest 'groups'
  • collect primary and alternate mailing addresses (and e-mail addresses)
  • update multiple mailing lists via criteria-generated 'smart groups' (eg: all donors over $500 in D.C.)
  • personalize mailings (with contact salutations and other custom fields)
  • auto-create addressee/mailing name and salutations (for thank you e-mails, letters)
  • override auto-created addressee or mailing name on physical mailings
  • fulfill mailings
  • automatically manage multiple mailing bounces, unsubscribes
  • report on success of mailings opens, click-throughs
  • create multiple mailing templates
  • tell a friend feature

Manage Events

  • define event types eg: meeting, conference
  • create & collect custom events data fields eg: meal preference
  • register event participants as presenters, volunteers, attendees
  • create multiple events pages
  • create multiple events pages
  • create Google Map of event location
  • create multiple events registration forms
  • accept registrations
  • offer additional ancillary events and products (free or additional cost) during event registration
  • create waiting lists
  • option to require administrator approval (moderated event registration)
  • self-service registration of multiple participants
  • tell-a-friend about the event and social network sharing (Twitter, Facebook, Google +)
  • schedule and automatically send event reminders and event follow-up communicationsaccept online payment
  • automatically generate e-mail receipt
  • allow participants to export events as iCal files
  • allow attendees to configure online apps w/ iCal feeds
  • generate event attendees lists
  • search for participants by event, type, role on success of events
  • archive events


  • identify volunteers
  • tag & search volunteers' skills
  • tag and search volunteers' availability
  • register volunteers for projects using events registration feature
  • gather reports on volunteer participation in registered events


  • identify advocates
  • tag & search advocates' skills
  • tag and search advocates' availability
  • register advocates for projects using events registration feature
  • gather reports on advocate participation in registered events


  • identify grantors
  • tag & search grantors
  • record grants as pledges
  • allow grantor to make online payments (if applicable)
  • automatically notify grantor re: pledge payment due and outstanding balance of their pledge


  • create grantees as organizational contacts
  • tag contacts as grantees
  • allow grantees to manage organizational profiles
  • allow grantees to submit letters of inquiries
  • allow grantees to submit full proposalscreate workflow for evaluating and managing grants
  • Pledges accept pledgescredit contributions towards pledgesautomatically notify pledge-maker re: pledge payment due and outstanding balance of their pledge


  • define contribution types eg: in-kind, cash, volunteer time
  • create & collect custom contribution data fields
  • create multiple, custom online donation forms
  • accept one-time and recurring online contributions
  • accept online contributions with premiums/gifts
  • accept pledges (unpaid gifts)
  • accept recurring gifts
  • accept tribute gifts
  • accept contributions with product premiums
  • accept offline contributions
  • automatically generate e-mail receipts
  • automatically generate printable thank you notes
  • allow team peer-to-peer fundraising
  • allow individual peer-to-peer fundraising
  • allow campaign fundraising (plus campaign pages, contacts, events, email)
  • search contributions by type, amount, date etc.
  • generate reports/real-time analytics

Some of the Tools We Use


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