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new websitesStrategic Internet Marketing And Web Site Traffic Promotion

When you have a web presence, the Internet can bring millions of prospective clients to your doorstep. The secret to converting website visitors into clients is a well-designed, attractive, user-friendly, and informative site. Let SOHO build a website design or website redesign for your business, customized for your business needs and optimized for ready visibility on the Internet. As a professional website development company, we can handle all aspects of a site's production, from the building of pages to the search engine positioning services, website management, custom design and applications.

Strategic Internet Marketing - Websites must have a strategy, whether it is to sell a product or service, serve as customer service site, to educate, or all of the above.

Custom Website Design / Redesign / Search Engine Positioning Services

As a professional strategic internet marketing services company focusing on website development in Ventura County, SOHO Prospecting helps you to create not just a customized website, but an online marketing tool. Your website's design begins with our learning about you and your vision for your company.

SOHO’s web and graphic designers then develop a website look and feel that integrates with your marketing materials and visually represents you in a powerful way. SOHO’s writers craft your site’s content to be web-effective, bringing it to the top of search engine results, and capturing and keeping the attention of your website visitors (web site traffic promotion). SOHO can also maintain your website, making changes as required to keep your site timely and updating content to keep your online presence fresh. Every site should serve as a sales tool for potential new customers, as well as an easily accessible reference guide and purchasing tool for existing clients. SOHO Prospecting, a Joomla! website development company designs and produces websites that are both user friendly and cost effective. The SOHO strategy is one that relies on the constant research and development of new technologies, combined with the practical application of existing ones.

Design Process

SOHO Prospecting’s website development process is divided into four phases as summarized below:

Each Project Phase consists of a set of tasks that are designed to culminate in a Project Milestone, at which the agreed-upon deliverables are reviewed and approved. If approval is not deemed appropriate, that Phase is extended until the tasks are completed to the satisfaction of both SOHO and the client. The details of each stage of this process are described below:

Concept Development

The following items are designed and frozen for subsequent website development:

  • The quantity of web pages
  • Page layout template
  • Site graphic design theme: background, logo, color, font type, and main graphic design elements
  • Database design, if applicable
  • Site navigation schema

Alpha Development

The following items are designed and frozen for subsequent website development:

  • Web page content outline
  • Product and service offerings
  • All pages developed (content excluded)
  • Database design complete
  • Programming complete

Beta Development

The following items are designed and frozen for subsequent website development:

  • Graphic elements
  • Web page content
  • Written content
  • Hyperlinks
  • Advanced Features
  • Keyword and meta-tag descriptions
  • Database sample population
  • Programming testing

Pre-Production Development

During this phase, the site is subject to debugging and further quality assurance testing. At the completion of this phase, and upon customer approval, the site is released to the public

Post-Production Management

Website Maintenance

Internet Marketing

Some of the Tools We Use

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