Gold Coast Transit

After a major change in its brand image, it was time for a new website design for the largest transit authority in Ventura County. With its ridership growing and getting more and more connected to the web, its old website, built in "frames" from the ’90s, was just not up to the challenge. SOHO Prospecting was selected through a formal RFP process to work with Gold Coast Transit’s marketing team and design and develop the new website.

Gold Coast Transit needed easier ways of maintaining its frequently-updated content, bus routes, maps and employment descriptions and SOHO suggested an open source content management system (CMS) to do the job. Joomla! was selected for its flexibility, scalability, and open source software, enabling ease of management and platform independence.



LAMP-based server hosting, Joomla! open source CMS, Adobe Flash imaging, mobile device sourcing and browser compatibility.

Gold Coast Transit

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