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Make Your Own Website—or We'll Do It for You!

Joomla! and WordPress are award-winning open-source Content Management Systems. That’s a mouthful but what does it mean? It means that if you can work with MSWord, you can manage your own website. Plus this site is portable ... you are no longer held captive by a hosting service!

Content Provider
Gold Plan

SOHO launches an award-winning Joomla! or WordPress templated site and customizes the template to your liking. We also provide you with training to assure that you are able to maintain the site content properly.


Platinum Plan

SOHO develops a customized website using the Magento CMS as the e-commerce platform and then installs and configures all of the necessary modules for your site.

Gold PlanPricing: $99.00 per month

Gold Plan Payment


Platinum PlanPricing: $199.00 per month

Platinum Website Subscription

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Note: SOHO Prospecting is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project or Open Source Matters. The Joomla! logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.

Some of the Tools We Use

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