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Discussing a website and pointing to different aspects.Whether your website is homemade, incomplete and half done, or if the website is starting to show it’s age, SOHO Prospecting can help redesign your website. As a professional web site design company, the website re-design and development staff at SOHO Prospecting can assess, review and recommend the proper changes to your existing website in whatever stage of development it is in. A SOHO Prospecting a website redesign company will provide you with a no risk Website Review providing you with the information you need, in order to make an informed decision about the changes your website requires for an up to date website re-design.

  • SOHO can review your current website and make recommendations to help streamline it with an updated website re-design.
  • Optimizing site navigation, page layout, and website copy, SOHO can re-tool your existing website and give it the ability to gather the feedback you need to evaluate, and qualify website leads effectively. Thus, you won’t have just a website design builder, but a partner to help your business.
  • Before your website re-design project, SOHO evaluates your current logo, keywords, graphics and text copy, to make sure your website contains the right amount of information in the correct places, making it both effective for human visitors and the search engines spiders.
  • SOHO researches keywords and their combinations specific to your business, helping to maximize your website’s exposure to search engines.

SOHO can also maintain your current or new website, making necessary changes and managing content to keep your online presence fresh and timely.

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