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soho page speed test resultsFor many years SOHO Prospecting has been providing customers with the best solutions to fit their needs. SOHO applies the same quality standards to every project, regardless of the size.

We go out of our way to aggregate value to our services. We maintain an honest relationship with our customers, providing them support by forum, chat and phone.

Our job is not done when the project is delivered and the website is deployed. Once the website is live, SOHO follows several procedures to ensure that our client's websites are performing at their best.

A lot of effort is put in by our system administrators in order to keep our infrastructure reliable. Every customer project is hosted on SOHO's dedicated super-fast servers. A combination of our servers' SSD-based hardware, middleware settings, and high quality level  development techniques guarantee that solutions hosted with us are always performing at the fastest speed possible.

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Security is a huge concern to SOHO team. We worry about Internet security and privacy, so our clients don't have to. SOHO's security policies are always up-to-date and all CMS-based websites on our platform are updated as soon as new versions are released by developers.  The update process starts on a development instance and passes through a quality control before  being  applied to the live environment.

Every customer website developed and hosted by SOHO Prospecting becomes part of our monitoring tool. Our monitoring tool reaches websites each five minutes seven days a week. If for any reason a website is not live our team is notified. When a notification comes, actions to restore the service are taken immediately. Over the past 12-months, the uptime availability average has been 99.7%.

Daily backups are taken for every website that we host. These backups include every software component, file and database record and are kept in a safe Amazon S3 cloud storage. SOHO Prospecting is able to rollback any modification and restore a website in a short time-frame keeping the website alive to the end user.

All the software solutions designed by our team implement responsive design techniques. Responsive design guarantees that user interfaces behave properly in distinct screen sizes. Implementing responsive design makes our customers' websites and other projects look good on desktop, mobile, and tablet views.

On top of all the aggregated services that were described, SOHO Prospecting also offers top quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Packages and Social Media Management. Our SEO services will improve website visibility on Google, while the Managing Social Media ensure will provide good online reputation.  Copywriting services are, also, provided by SOHO Prospecting for customers that have a hard time creating their own content.

SOHO Prospecting is always looking for new clients to become our Partners. When you're ready to be a part of our portfolio, please CONTACT US!