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Marketing Services Requested: Multilanguage Ecommerce Shopping Cart Website

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Folch – Multilanguage Ecommerce Shopping Cart Website

Metalurgica Folch is the largest steel pin maker in Europe. Located in Spain, Folch needed to have its products exposed online in other languages besides Spanish to keep their global presence.

SOHO professional team knows that the internet has changed the economy and customer behavior all around the world. Commercial barriers among Countries have become smaller and people are able to buy international products easily using the internet.

To meet Folch’s main goal of continuing with their global presence and also improve their international sales, SOHO Prospecting recommended creating a multilanguage shopping cart area on Folch’s website.

Why having a Multilanguage Shopping Cart?

Our online experience has thought us that depending on the kind of products you offer, it is crucial to have a multilanguage website or even a multilanguage shopping cart area on your website.

The multilanguage ecommerce shopping cart system allowed Folch to display its products in many languages. After all, why limit your market place to local customers when you can sell your products to a larger area overseas?

SOHO’s multilanguage shopping cart project helped Metalurgica Folch to internationally increase its brands awareness and improve its sales. With a multilanguage ecommerce shopping cart, Folch now offers its wide range of pins in French, English and Spanish.

Search Engine Optimization in a Multilanguage Website

Considering that English is still the most important language on the business world, Folch also needed to improve the relevancy of its English content on the website. In order to do that, SOHO optimized Folch’s English content to improve their rank on the main search engines and as a result to attract new English speaking visitors.

Few months after the optimization project was completed, Folch English pages have already got their page ranks improved and increased their relevance on the keywords promoted.

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