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Website Hosting Plans - Pricing Details

SOHO Prospecting – Your search optimized hosting company. So contact SOHO Prospecting today for the best affordable web site hosting plans that fit into your budget.
Search Optimized Hosting Service Features: $500/year

 Hosting Plans

 Annual Fee

 Monthly Transfer

 Disk Space

 SOHO1*  $250  20 GB  2 GB
 SOHO2  $500  20 GB  4 GB
 SOHO3  $750  40 GB  5 GB
 SOHO4  $1000  50 GB  6 GB
 SOHO5  $1250  75 GB  8 GB
 SOHO6  $1500  80 GB  10 GB
 SOHO7  $1750  90 GB  12 GB
 SOHO8  $2000  100 GB  14 GB
 SOHO9  $2250  120 GB  16 GB
 SOHO10  $2750  140 GB  20 GB
* No SSL or dedicated IP address

Domain Options

  • Access to create 100 Mailboxes (different email addresses)
    • Unlimited E-Mail Forwarding, Aliases and Auto-Responders
    • Serious Junk E-Mail Filtering and Virus Scanning
    • Junk E-Mail Filtering
    • Virus Scanning
    • Web-Based E-mail
    • Secure access to your e-mail boxes from anywhere

  • Back-Ups (protect your data)
    • ShadowDrive™ technology allows for fast data recovery
    • Available daily Amazon Cloud back-up servers protect against data loss and provide restore points for previous versions of your site
    • Monthly Off-site back-up systems protect against loss due to catastrophic failure

  • Server and Network Monitoring (protect your data)
    • Every server is monitored for uptime and service quality
    • If a server fails or goes off line, it's repaired or replaced quickly
    • Our network is monitored and maintained every minute of every day
    • Our multi-redundant network helps prevent outages or slow-downs

  • Technical support: 24/7
  • Access to 10 MySQL Databases
  • Full Development Environment
    • PHP (as a module), Perl (with many modules), Python, C, C++, Tcl, ASP, e-commerce, and more
  • Log (web stats) Analysis Tools
  • Access to Secure Server (SSL)
  • Allows for encrypted transactions between the server and Web browsers
  • Dedicated IP Address; no Block Lists

Some of the Tools We Use

joomla 290
 magento 290
wordpress 290