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In a perfect world everyone would love what they bought and refunds would never be necessary. But the world isn't quite that perfect, hence the obligatory Refund Policy.

SOHO Refund Policy:

If we made a mistake somewhere, we'll work with you to quickly resolve the matter.

Under no circumstances shall SOHO be held responsible for overdraft charges incurred from your financial institution as a result of any purchases or renewals through or in connection with our websites. It is the sole responsibility of you as a customer to ensure "overdraft fees," "overage fees," or "overlimit" or any other fees from your financial institution do not occur, by taking the necessary action to avoid them. Furthermore, SOHO is not liable for any fees incurred due to billing errors.


With subscription websites, all SOHO's up-front development work is amortized over the life of a 3-yr contract and the domain-holder's domain is held as security.  Subscriptions are billed on a monthly recurring basis. Your account will be debited the first month's subscription amount on the date of your purchase. All subsequent payments will be billed on thirty day increments from your first subscription date. We will not refund "un-used" portions of a Subscription. If you decide to cancel, the following termination fees will apply:

Cancellation Date

Termination Fee
(% of Remaining Contract Amount)

7 days from Subscribing


Prior to go-live


After go-live



Contacting SOHO with a Refund Issue

If we made a mistake with your billing please utilize our Contact Us form and provide us any supplemental information so that the matter can be addressed promptly.