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search engine marketing duoManaged Search Engine Marketing Services and Pay-per-Click (PPC) Search Engine Internet Marketing.

Offered as a key adjunct to our Website Development services, SOHO Prospecting’s managed search engine marketing services are an affordable way of increasing your website’s visitor traffic and overall Internet presence.

By using only the most effective and legitimate website search engine optimization techniques such as search engine submission, natural search engine placement, keyword research, as well as pay per click campaigns, and a search engine optimization guarantee, SOHO Prospecting's on line marketing services in Ventura County is able to help increase website traffic and overall Internet visibility with industry leading website marketing strategies.

SOHO Prospecting specializes in two facets of internet marketing - PPC and organic SEO for maximum results. SOHO has trained and skilled internet marketers that can construct the required synergy of PPC and Search Engine optimization, allowing your site to receive 100% search engine exposure. Request a free PPC and Search engine internet marketing website quote today.

Website Marketing Strategies

Ever wonder how valuable that #1 position on Google is as compared to the other search engine rankings?

This data, once leaked by AOL, represents millions of searches and clicks and tells us that the #1 position holds a whopping 4:1 advantage over the #2 position - and garners nearly half the search traffic from any specific keyword search.

It tells us that we need to fight tooth and nail for those #1 positions, and not rest easy once we have them.


What's the Recipe?

Search Engine Land created a nice infographic to explain some of the details behind a solid SEO effort:

search-engine-ranking-factorsThese factors are all discussed in much greater detail here, but suffice it to say that acheiving high search engine rankings is as much about science as it is about the art of engaging your audience.

Website Development Services

Imagine being able to speak directly with potential and existing clients anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. Now it’s possible, thanks to the world-wide web. The secret to making the most of this incredible marketing opportunity — and to turning web prospects into clients — is a well-designed, user-friendly site using the latest website marketing strategies. Located in Ventura County, SOHO Prospecting can design, or re-design a website to showcase your company for the greatest business-generating impact and Internet visibility.

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