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Advertising & PR

Effective Internet Marketing and Advertising Techniques

If your company is considering subcontracting to advertising agencies, SOHO Prospecting is a full-service graphic design and advertising agency committed to excellence in internet marketing and advertising techniques and strategy. We measure the success of our internet marketing and advertising campaigns by their ability to help our clients reach their objectives. We have years of experience handling a variety of clients, in a variety of industries, all across the country. Our proven advertising techniques—written and graphic—continue to help our clients grow their bottom line.

Effective internet marketing and advertising techniques include concept development, design, copywriting and media selection. The first step in any successful campaign is creating a concept that will cut through the clutter, reach your key audiences, and create more business. As a B2B advertising agency focused on obtaining measurable results for our clients, we analyze your objectives, strengths, points of differentiation and other critical factors before creating a positioning for your product or service. This analysis drives our internet marketing and advertising techniques. Subcontracting to Advertising Agencies allows companies to have access to design and copywriting resources not staffed in-house. A compelling design for your advertisement draws prospects into your message. Soho’s designers create distinctive designs for your B2B advertising, regardless of the size or format. As an agency focused on results, SOHO never lets a design overshadow the key message or call to action—this is all a part of our advertising techniques .

Effective copy works hand-in-hand with good design to convince prospects that you offer the solutions they need and to spur them to take action. SOHO’s writers, as a part of our internet marketing and advertising techniques , make sure your copy and artwork are integrated into a convincing B2B advertising message that prompts your customers to take action.

Subcontracting to Advertising Agencies

Subcontracting to Advertising Agencies is a growing trend. Businesses large and small alike are beginning to experience the value of outsourcing this service. SOHO Prospecting provides turn-key creative solutions, and innovative advertising techniques, and we take pride in providing the highest level of customer service. We also know that subcontracting to Advertising Agencies is a big step for some companies, which is why we treat all of our clients, no matter how big or small, as though they are our most important client. Every client has its own unique strengths, challenges, and personality—that’s why each client’s advertising techniques are unique and fresh.

Whatever your graphic design or advertising needs, SOHO Prospecting provides the knowledge, resources, advertising techniques, and experience to do the job right the first time.

Finally, subcontracting to advertising agencies allows companies to have access to experienced Media Planners. No matter how creative or compelling your B2B advertising is, it must reach the right audiences in order to be effective. As a full-service agency, committed to advertising techniques that get results, we develop advertising placement schedules that will give you the most impact for your money in the media that are seen by your customers and prospects.

If your company is considering subcontracting to advertising agencies and would like to receive the immediate and long-term benefits of working with an experienced, full-service B2B advertising techniques agency, call SOHO Prospecting.

Public Relations

Effective Uses of Public Relations

SOHO Prospecting’s Public Relations Campaign Management department measures its performance according to the impact that we have in driving your business forward. A strong Public Relations Action Plan is one of the most cost effective marketing activities available to growing companies or companies introducing new products or services.

Effective uses of Public Relations should generate revenue-enhancing results, and we measure our value accordingly. SOHO’s Public Relations Action Plan not only includes tracking media coverage and bylined articles, but also tracking our impact on such key business objectives as sales lead generation, inquiries, proposals written, revenues generated, etc. — objectives that directly tie our Public Relations Action Plan to your bottom line. That’s what we mean when we say SOHO is committed to effective Public Relations Campaign Management. Good, effective Public Relations Campaign Management - unlike any other internet marketing and advertising endeavor - can support building value in a product or service. Effective use of Public Relations means a full page article with a photo in any magazine can garner greater and higher quality exposure than an advertisement in the same publication. A strong Public Relations Action Plan will incorporate articles written by third parties because these articles can build unparalleled credibility and value into the product. All of this can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of ad placement. That’s effective Public Relations Campaign Management.

SOHO ’s PR professionals understand effective uses of Public Relations and we know how to work with companies in all stages of growth. We know that a strong Public Relations Action Plan is critical to handling and promoting your product to the media, and we have an outstanding track record in Public Relations Campaign Management. We have an established editorial base and experience building new editor relationships from scratch. We are committed to delivering results that establish mind share, capture market share, and generate revenues!

Understanding Public Relations

Understanding effective uses of Public Relations is what makes SOHO’s PR campaigns successful. It is not the goal of public relations to "sell" editors on your product. It is the goal to provide them with news and features that will interest their readers. How will your product change the marketplace? Who has used it effectively? Who will most benefit from it? When will it be widely available? Who will use it and how will it benefit that person's business or life? Providing answers to these questions in a well written article is part of effective uses of Public Relations .

Soho Prospecting has built a strong reputation for our Public Relations Campaign Management and our ability to help companies achieve increased brand awareness and market penetration throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. We help our clients gain greater name recognition for their products and services among media representatives, analysts, prospective customers, partners, and other target audiences through the implementation of a strong Public Relations Action Plan . Effective uses of Public Relations allow us to deliver measurable results to our clients, which range from small privately-owned start-up companies to larger, publicly-traded industry leaders. Our Public Relations Campaign Management team specializes in delivering a broad spectrum of media and analyst relations support.

Whether you are launching a new product or service, introducing an entire product line, or repositioning an existing organization, SOHO’s Public Relations Campaign Management team of highly qualified staff is committed to putting together an effective Public Relations Action Plan that can support your need to communicate your key messages.