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Microsoft Launches New Search Engine

Bing is Microsoft’s latest attempt to best Google in the search engine wars. According to Microsoft, Bing is designed to do more than help find information. Bing organizes search results and provides tools that quickly bring you to the point of using that information to make an informed decision.

The new search engine was developed to address the fact that 66 percent of internet users want to use the Internet to get things done, not only find information.

Bing has some interesting features. In the advanced search, for instance, it is possible to look for results that meet the following criteria: site/domain, country/region and language.

Bing also organizes the search results into categories. When you search for images of cars, for instance, it automatically gives you the option to choose it by size, layout, color, style and people.

It’s too soon to say that Bing is a threat to Google but it’s definitely an interesting tool for internet search.