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The Changing Marketing And The Need To Keep Learning

The marketing industry is always changing. With internet, changes happen even faster. In order to keep up to date, it is no secret - it’s crucial to keep learning and improving your skills.

A marketing company has to be dynamic and so has its professionals. At SOHO Prospecting, our internet marketing / search engine optimization specialists are highly skilled and trained to offer the best marketing service available. Even so, our professionals have the desire to always learn new techniques and develop their abilities.

That desire for learning made SOHO’s marketing assistant, Priscila Ramos, to start a MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Marketing. Priscila, who now has a degree in Journalism, is enjoying the classes a lot and looking forward to learning more and more. SOHO’s internet marketing / search engine optimization specialists congratulate Priscila and wish her the best of luck in this new phase.