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International Body Language and Internet Marketing and Advertising

One of the best features of the internet is that it brings the world closer to you. With a good Internet Marketing and Advertising plan, your company can grow and you can easily target an international market.

However, especially with the use of pictures and videos on websites, instead of bringing a potential international niche, internet can be a problem for your company branding.

That’s because most of the people don’t realize that once they have international presence, they need to be aware of international symbols and gestures. The body language can be really trick. Of course knowing international symbols can be a difficult task considering the diversity of the world.

The most important thing to protect your company branding is to keep it simple and avoid symbols. Below you can check some simple American symbols that can be very offensive in some culture.

This symbol in US means all right. In Japan means “money”. Meanwhile, in Brazil, this represents a not-so-nice, or professional, obscene gesture, to say at least.

Thumbs up” in US and Latin American means “ok” or “good”. But in the Middle East this gesture means that you want to have sexual relations with the person you show the thumbs up.