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SOHO has just launched a new client’s website

Digital Security’s project was a full website redesign, including copywriting and SEO (for Higher Search Engine Ranks).

Although it was not a complex website (it has just 17 pages), the website redesign project lasted about 9 months. No, this is not the normal amount of time for us to develop a small website. It’s just that in this case, the client had several other priorities and put the website on hold for a long time during its development.

Somehow of course it was frustrating not to be able to move forward with the website redesign project. At the same time, because of that, having it finally done brings us huge satisfaction.

Besides that, I have to recognize that Digital Security was a pleasure project. This was especially due to the flexibility of its team of executives who were always open to our suggestions and ideas.

The website

In our very first meeting, the client made it clear that besides higher Search Engine ranks, they wanted the website to transmit the emotional tone their products represent. This seemed a challenge to me. My first thought was: How am I going to create an emotional tone for something as realistically serious as a security company?

But this thought didn’t last long. After starting my research and interviewing the client I really understood that “when it comes to security more than protection is required; peace of mind is essential”.

By the way, that was the first sentence I used in the Digital Security copy and how the new website started to be created. Of course it’s not just about the copy. Simple / clean colors and especially sensitive pictures helped the website to focus on the emotional idea that Digital Security does not just sell security products but peace of mind.

Click here to check Digital Security’s website and let us know what you think about it.