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Attracting visitors is not everything

We have mentioned several times that having a website with no traffic is the same as having no website at all. But what we haven’t discussed yet is that when it comes to strategic Internet Marketing, having high traffic also doesn’t necessarily mean having a successful website.

Of course visibility is extremely important, that’s why a well designed and search-optimized website is the most strategic internet marketing element. Imagine for instance going to a store and not finding what you’re looking for. They probably have all the products you need, but everything is a mess, the products are all mixed together and you don’t find anything. You’d probably leave and not go back there.

This is exactly what happens online too. Actually with a website it can possibly be worse. The easiest thing to do when you’re online is to leave the site you’re viewing. In a matter of seconds you can leave a website and access the competitor’s store. Therefore your website needs to be well organized and offer exactly what your target market is looking for.

Designing a search-optimized website guarantees potential clients can click and get to your page but once it happens, it’s crucial to keep them. For this reason your website needs to be strategically developed so that your potential clients can find the product or service information they want. The key for a successful website is to ensure that your visitor can quickly and easily navigate your website and find what they need with the least number of clicks.

So, if you’re thinking about design or redesign your website, here is an important tip: Attracting visitors is not everything!!!