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Camarillo celebrates Old Town redevelopment

One of the most important areas in Camarillo has been completely redeveloped.

The construction has not been totally finished, but a major important phase is completed.

In order to celebrate it, the Community Development Commission organized a breakfast at the park for businesses in Old Town Camarillo that were affected by the upgrades.

During the event, on November 14, the Commission thanked all the local business for the support and participation at the Old Town development. Located at Old Town Camarillo, SOHO Prospecting is one of the companies which contributed to the city’s improvement.

The redevelopment can be noticed on the sidewalks, curbs, gutters and walls throughout Old Town. At Ventura Boulevard from Carmen Drive at the west end to Lewis Road on the east. Despite the improvement, the look of “Old Town” is still live in Camarillo through special treatments and decorations.