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SOHO has a new member on its team

Part of an exchange professional program, Priscila Ramos came from Brazil and has worked in SOHO Prospecting for about 5 months.

The main idea of coming to USA was to get the opportunity of working in an international business environment. At the same time she would contribute to the SOHO by sharing her academic business knowledge.

With her background in Communication and degree in Journalism, ironically it was a hard job for her to write about herself in her bio.

She says that these five months have been a great experience and fells really lucky to be working at SOHO, where everybody is amazingly welcome and helpful (her words). But putting it in words was kind of difficult…Well, I guess we just did it for her…

We also learned several things with her. Now we know that Brazilians don’t celebrate carnival the entire year and not every guy is a soccer player in Brazil. But some ideas about Brazilians were just confirmed. They do have a great energy. Priscila is always willing to go out and explore different places and cities. In five months, she has already gone to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and always has something planned for the weekend.