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Business Technology & Marketing Expo

SOHO Prospecting participated of the first Business Technology & Marketing Expo in Ventura. The event took place on September 19 and was a great opportunity to improve networking and strengthen business relationships. The most interesting thing of this Expo is that it was especially targeted to executives and business people. So, even if it was not crowded all day long, the visitors were the right target for all the 60 exhibitors. SOHO participated in the Expo with a booth in the prime area of the expo where our trained staff exhibited our services and explained SEO and how it improves search engine ranks. We also distributed giveaway bags – which were a huge success. During the event, our visitors could also fill out a form to participate in an iPod® shuffle giveaway. The rules were simple. The winners would be the ones who had the website with the lowest and highest search engine visibility. The winners of the contest for the highest and lowest search engine visibility were:

Manual Bulwa – President ISA for having a visibility score of 0 and Catherine Giauque – Lanspeed for having a visibility score of 305. In the quest to find the lowest visibility, there were many zeros that we came across that day. When we realized there were so many that had no score, we put their names into a hat and picked one. The funny thing about it is when Manuel came to our booth; he didn’t even want to enter. He mentioned that he is a very lucky man and we should, “just give it to him now.” It was such an odd coincidence that he did indeed win. I guess he was right.