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Solar Electrical Systems Receives A Boost In Web Visitors Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A Southern California solar panel installer has seen a dramatic increase in web activity, as well as higher search result rankings, since implementing a search engine optimization strategy headed by SOHO Prospecting of Camarillo, CA.

Date: December 20, 2005

CAMARILLO, CA -- (ArriveNet - Dec 20, 2005) -- Solar Electrical Systems, a Southern California-based solar panel installation company, has been receiving more than just electrical surges over the past 2 years. After implementing some internet marketing methods, they’ve also received a surge in activity on their web site. So what switch was turned on to give Solar Electrical Systems this boost of online energy? It was the big obvious one labeled “SEO.”

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. This is a method of structuring site content and writing code for various pages that improves placement when a keyword search is performed on a search engine. Priority is given to sites and web pages based on the quality of their content in relation to the keyword being searched. In other words, you can’t just pay for the number one spot. Nor can you simply change your name to “AAA Company” because alphabetical listings aren’t utilized like phone book directory listings. To get the coveted top spot, you have to earn it and it’s not easy when engines have different ways of measuring the quality and relevance of a site.

According to Chris Samojen, Search Engine Specialist at SOHO Prospecting in Camarillo, CA, “You should be asking yourself if your website is visible to both types of internet users. This is the most important search engine marketing question. The first user is the obvious human visitor landing on your site from the search engines. The second user is the common search engine spider that crawls your website looking for specific material that determines how relevant your website is for a certain keyword phrase in comparison to the millions of other sites competing for that same keyword phrase.”

Samojen and SOHO Prospecting provide the service of optimizing sites for both user types, resulting in better search engine placement and leading to more visibility and traffic to a site. Using ethical search engine approved methods, SOHO Prospecting applied these techniques to Solar Electrical Systems, and the results were night-and-day.

“The energy and effort SOHO has spent narrowing our electronic target markets to a pinpoint is paying off in spades,” says Solar Electrical Systems President, Greg Johanson. “With the pay-per-click campaign quickly ramping up and the natural web site hits climbing off the charts, the response has been astounding. Here’s to a great New Year. Thanks SOHO Internet Marketing.”

SOHO Prospecting President, Dale DeHart, reflects on the history of the project by stating, “We first started a three month program in mid-February 2004 that resulted in a big traffic spike. Greg was so impressed with the results that we restarted the program in October 2004, and since then there has been a fivefold increase in targeted traffic that continues to rise.” (Source data: WebStat tracking software, February 2004 through November 2005)

“Quality search engine optimization is a timely process involving the strategic placement of keywords throughout various parts of a web page, and matching those keyword densities to the top websites currently ranked for that keyword or phrase,” says Samojen. “Quality SEO efforts do not happen over night because you must earn your way to the top by proving your website is more relevant than other competing websites. However, it will be very hard for competitors to knock you off of the top positions once you prove your knowledge for that keyword using only SEO ethical standards instituted by the major search engines.”

Samojen continues, “With proper SEO, it’s all about knowing and applying methods recognized by the search engines.” Beware of companies promising too much, too quickly as some apply “Black Hat" search engine tricks that may temporarily increase or generate Internet traffic, but can have serious repercussions later; including being banned completely by a search engine. All search engine placement and search engine submission techniques should be legitimate, and fall within the design guidelines set by all of the major search engines.

Google and Yahoo are currently the two biggest search providers as they serve up the majority of internet users and the goal of all web sites is to be recognized by them. If they don’t recognize you, they can’t introduce their millions of daily users to your business. This is the primary objective of search engine optimization and the reason more and more companies are looking into internet marketing services to increase traffic to their sites. No matter the size of the company, the right optimization plan is crucial in establishing a competitive online presence.

About Solar Electrical Systems:

Solar Electrical Systems (General & Electrical B1, C10, License Number 575211) has designed and installed systems for California solar power customers in and around Los Angeles since 1978. The company has earned the highest customer and industry recognition by providing accurate system performance information and by being reliable, responsive and trustworthy. They are considered a pioneer in the field of photovoltaics (PV), producing cost-effective electrical power from solar energy. For more information, call (866) 74-SOLAR, or visit www.solarelectricalsystems.com.

About SOHO Prospecting:

DeHart founded SOHO Prospecting in 2001 after more than 25 years in management at several private and publicly traded companies. In addition to providing internet marketing and search engine optimization, SOHO Prospecting provides company branding, web design, direct mail marketing, marketing materials, advertising and public relations for various clients in Ventura County and Southern California. For more information, call (805) 482-2170, or visit www.sohoprospecting.com.

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