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City Of Buellton - Website Development, November 18,2005


City Of Buellton Hires SOHO Prospecting To Redesign Web Site

The SOHO Prospecting team is up to the web site redesign challenge for their neighbors to the north, which will give an updated look and feel to Buellton's current web site.

Date: November 18, 2005

CAMARILLO, CA -- (ArriveNet - Nov 18, 2005) -- SOHO Prospecting, a firm specializing in small business marketing, has been contracted to redesign the City of Buellton's web site.

"We found SOHO on the internet and were impressed by their web site," says Linda Reid, administrative assistant at the city of Buellton. "They have a strong team approach with top customer service, and are always a step ahead of me in finding the best fit for revamping our web site."

The primary goals of this web site redesign are to improve navigability and upgrade the graphic design to match the city's new focus on revitalization.

"In the last couple years, web design technology has advanced rapidly, allowing every organization to have an eye-catching and user-friendly web site," says Dale DeHart, president of SOHO Prospecting.

The general idea behind a web site redesign is to restructure or edit the current site's content which grows over time, and apply that new structure to a visually appealing, easy-to-use format for visitors. As organizations grow and mature, so do their tastes, ideals, and internal culture. A web site, which is a reflection of the organization, should embody these changes.

Sites designed only a few years ago may have already become out-dated in terms of graphic design and timely content. Also, organizations can out-grow a web site in the same way they can out-grow a building or office space. Companies like SOHO Prospecting provide a solution in the form of modern web design and application of the latest in Internet technology.

A web site must be designed to offer the visitor what they want, quickly, with very few obstacles in the way. Ensuring that a web site visitor can quickly and easily navigate your web site and get to the important product or service information with the least number of clicks is the goal of the SOHO Web Site Development team. "We are convinced that SOHO will not only develop for us a beautiful web site, but that they are committed to developing a web site that attracts visitors and helps them quickly find the information they are seeking," says Ms. Reid in regards to the web site redesign.

About SOHO Prospecting

DeHart founded SOHO Prospecting in 2001 after more than 25 years in management at several private and publicly traded companies. In addition to Ventura County web design, SOHO Prospecting provides company branding, internet marketing, business-to-business telemarketing, direct mail marketing, marketing materials, advertising and public relations for various clients in Ventura County and Southern California. For more information, call (805) 482-2170 or visit www.sohoprospecting.com.

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