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Search Optimized Keywords - Know Your Keywords and Increase Search Engine Traffic!

Businesses are turning to the Internet at a startling pace for mass publicity, seeking recognition and increased traffic flow. Research shows that the companies benefiting from Internet marketing are using search optimized keywords and phrases most often searched by curious consumers.

Increase Search Engine Traffic

Businesses, both expansive and local, can benefit from the keyword strategy. Solar Electrical Systems, a local installer of residential and commercial solar power systems, is one of many companies increasing its client base by becoming search engine friendly.

When SES first approached us, it was receiving less than 1,000 visits to its Web site each month, about 60 percent of which were within its local market. Now, more than a year later, with help from SOHO Prospecting search engine ranking company, its Web traffic has increased over 10 times, and 45 percent within it’s local market. In addition, the company’s cost per lead has been cut by more than half.

“While the percentage of served visitors has dropped somewhat, 45 percent of a very large number is a lot better than 60 percent of a very small number,” says SES owner Greg Johanson. “To us, the technology side of what was required to and improve search engine ranks was a foreign language, but the results have been astounding.”

The search optimized keywords concept also applies to traditional marketing tools such as press releases and brochures. These pieces can be adapted to a variety of Internet media, ultimately creating search engine magnets.

Businesses wishing to improve search engine ranks and expand their client bases would do well to remember some of these tips:

Research keywords that customers are likely to use to find your product
or service. Websites such as www.wordtracker.com are both helpful and affordable for this purpose.

Remember that small changes come with big results. For example, the
phrase “car care” is searched four times more often than “auto care.” Choose your words wisely.

Be cautious when selecting your Web hosting service. Though they may
be inexpensive, most Web hosts stuff many clients into one shared IP address. If there is any negative content on neighboring sites, your business could be grouped with them on a search engine blacklist.

Arrange a meeting with a reputable search engine ranking company.