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Social Networking for Companies

The Internet has revolutionized the society and more than ever companies have realized that the Internet is a great customer channel and a decisive tool to build their company's branding.

However, having an Internet presence with a website is not enough anymore. Internet users are more likely to remember and be loyal to a brand if they see it in several channels.

According to studies, 45% of the US Internet users who search about a brand find relevant paid search. Influenced social media networking along with PPC campaigns attract 77% of the Internet users.

For those who still don't believe how important social media is, here are some numbers:

There are 350 million people on Facebook and 50% use it every day. 27.3 million tweets are created per day. In the US, 12.2 billion videos are viewed per month on YouTube - 82% of the Internet users view videos online.

But with so many social networking channels available, how to choose the best one for your company? There is not only one right answer for this question. Like any marketing strategy using offline tools, it is important to know your goals and your customers. The first thing you need to know is why you want to use social networking. Some companies believe that as long as they have an account on Twitter or Facebook, they are good. And that's not true. Sometimes it is better to not use social networking at all than use it in the wrong way. It takes years to build a solid image of a company, and only one negative message on the Internet could destroy it.

But if you want to really interact with your customers, social networking is for you. After figuring that out, you still have to know how to project your company online. What exactly do you want people to know about your company? And most importantly, you need to know who is interested in your stories. These are the ones you need to approach in the social networking world.

We know that it is not easy to evaluate all these points and it is even harder to create an online brand reputation management plan. That's when SOHO Prospecting comes along to help you. SOHO Prospecting evaluates your business and creates a unique Internet marketing business plan to meet your goals.